10 Steps To Get Your Home Ready for Winter

1. Check your home for water leaks.

2. Have a heating professional check your heating system every year.

3. Protect your home from frozen pipes by insulating any outdoor fixtures.

4. Run all gas powered lawn equipment until the fuel is gone.

5. Test your emergency generator. If you do not have one, get one.

6. Have a certified chimney sweep inspect your flues and check your fireplace damper.

7. Remove bird nests from chimney flues and outdoor electrical fixtures.

8. Inspect and clean dust from the covers of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

9. Make sure the caulking around doors and windows is adequate to reduce heat/cooling loss.

10. Make sure the caulking around your bathroom fixtures is adequate to prevent water from seeping into the sub-flooring.

By Premier Inspections

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