Posted on  June 3, 2015  by Lamb & Company

Just like in the spring, it is important to make sure your home is ready for summer. Luckily, all the deep cleaning got done in the spring, and now it is mostly just easy little things to make sure your home is running as smoothly, and efficiently as possible. Here are some great tips on how to keep your home clean, comfortable, and relaxing through the long, hot months of summer.

Outdoor Tips:

– Clean your gutters: Leaves and water and debris can accumulate after the wet months of spring, which can lead to water damage. Scoop out the debris by hand, and then wet down caked on dirt and remove with mud trowel. After, use a hose to flush out gutters and downspouts. Be careful on the downspouts, they aren’t made to with stand the full-blast pressure of a watering hose.

-Inspect: Inspect your roof and chimney for crack and damage from hail, and winter weather. Aldo, touch up peeling or drying paint, followed by cleaning your windows and patio furniture.

-Clean your grill: If you have a gas grill, turn it up to high wit the lid closed for half an hour, allow grill to cool, then brush with grill brush and wipe down inside and out with damp cloth. If you have a charcoal grill, empty all the coals and ashes out, then wipe down interior and exterior with damp, soapy cloth. Make sure grill is completely dry before using again.

-Crawl spaces: Walk around the exterior of your home and open crawl space vents at foundation.

-Prune: Prune trees and shrubs and uncover central A/C unit

-Garden: Add layer of mulch and deadhead both perennials and annuals. Clear out visible dead foliage from spring bulbs, but if daffodil or tulip leaves are still green, leave them in. They are busy nourishing the bulb to bloom again next year!

-Plan your watering schedule: Train your garden to endure dry days by water in deeply a couple times a week, instead of lightly daily. This type of watering promotes growth and deep, strong roots.

Indoor Tips:

-Switch ceiling fan blades: Switch so leading edge is higher. This simple action pushes cold air down enabling you to set your A/C lower.

-Dryer vent cleaning: purchase a vent-cleaning brush kit which cleans dryer vents more thoroughly. Make sure to clean out the lent trap housing as well.

-Kitchen Drains: Clean drains by adding half a cup of baking soda, followed by half a cup of vinegar. After ten minutes, flush with boiling water. Also drain and flush out your water heater!

-Filters: Change or clean heating, ventilating and A/C filters.

-Kitchen appliances: Clean them inside and out, including refrigerator coils

-Keep dirt out: Place a course door mat on the exterior of the door, and a soft mat on the interior. The second mat will catch most of the left over debris. If you want to be really sure to keep the dirt out, have your family members remove their shoes on the porch or in the garage.

These tips will help keep your home healthy, happy and efficient throughout the summer! Here’s to a simple, fun-filled summer!

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